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With the credit crunch hitting many of us, and uncertainty surrounding us all, now is a great time  time to reflect and take control of your future.  


Life Coaching is a non-threatening way to clear your mind and help you to see your way forward.  It is especially effective when you feel that events in your life are taking over and you no longer have control.  It gives you a rare opportunity to share your ideas and wishes with someone qualified to help you to make your dreams a reality.


Whatever is troubling you: finances; career; self-esteem; relationships; children; alcohol abuse; smoking - I can help, descreetly, in confidence and without judgement.  Face to face, by phone, or by email.


The time might be right for you to accept a lift from someone who will support and help you to bring your life into a new, happier balance.


As your Coach I will work with you personally to guide you away from pain towards a fulfilling and satisfying life.


Life throws challenges at us all.  It can be so hard to see ahead to a better, happier future.  With the help of a Life Coach who cares about the things that matter to you and can give you the support, time and space to clarify things and shape a better tomorrow, your life will blossom anew.


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