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Association for Coaching

I am an accredited coach with diplomas in Life Coaching and Business Performance Coaching. As a Member of the non-profit Association for Coaching I operate within their professional standards for confidentiality, ethics and excellence.


You benefit from knowing that you will be working with an experienced professional who is committed to helping you to achieve your life objectives.  




My background 

Life Coach  

Having worked for over 15 years in corporate life, in 2001 I set up in business with my husband, whose background is in The Performing Arts. Through The Performance Business we provide training, coaching, and situation-roleplay to businesses.  


I also provide private Life Coaching and Strategic Intervention. I like to create a quiet, comfortable and relaxing environment for coaching, so operate from my home, or meet you in private at your work-place or in your home if you prefer. 


A business client of mine, Resolute Communications, was shortlisted in 2009 for the Training Journal's award for the Best Coaching Programme,

which I designed and delivered across their business.


In addition to my business, I have a busy family life - running a home and caring for two demanding small people. My hobby is competitive rowing with a local Rowing Club -Private time to clear my head and get me out of doors in all weathers!


Let’s work together


Whatever your situation, you are reading this because you wonder if perhaps I might help you find a clearer, better path through life.


I call the way I work The Real Waywhich is a practical, forward thinking approach.  You will be challenged as I support you in achieving your ambition of a happier and more harmonious life.  Change will come about through you. As a Coach, I always remember it's about your life, not mine.


For help to put the sunshine back into your life, or to find out more about Life Coaching, please call me for a confidential, informal chat.  Whatever you are searching for, even if you aren't yet sure, Life Coaching will be a great help.


Lucy Windsor (Partner in The Performance Business 01932 888885)


The Performance Business, 78 Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9HT