Your Life - The Real Way™ - What will it do for you?

Will it work for you?


Life Coaching using Strategic Intervention is an empowering experience, giving you the opportunity to look with fresh eyes at how you approach your life.  


You might already be leading a happy, productive life, but want to plan for what comes next - often my clients are doing just that. 


Or you might be going through a difficult period in your life (eg: the breakdown of a relationship) and can't see a way through on your own. 


Either way, Life Coaching will help you.  Here are some examples of where I can help.


  • Career planning and management
  • Goal setting and achievement of goals 
  • Decision making  
  • Returning to work after kids

 Stressed Man



 Stressed Lady 


  • Moving home
  • Building a life after divorce
  • Re-kindling a loving marriage
  • Building better relationships
  • Bringing a sense of order to your life  


·                     Breaking negative habits

·                     Bringing control and a sense of order to your life 

·                     Overcoming lethargy, fatigue and a lack of self-esteem

·                     Diet, fitness and exercise


If you can identify with any of these situations, then call, for a free, informal and confidential chat.


Lucy Windsor (01932 888885)


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