Group Coaching brings a different dynamic and can make Life Coaching more affordable if you have limited resources. 

Group coaching can be a lot of fun !


Although Life Coaching is focussed on your personal needs, working with a group brings fresh ideas to add to your own perceptions.  You'll be involved in group discussions and tasks, work in pairs and alone, and work with me as your personal coach.  From this range of different experiences you will build self-understanding and create your new future. 


You will gain as much from the dynamics of the group and seeing how others overcome their own challenges as you will from your personal coaching.  My aim throughout is to empower you and give you the freedom to run your life the way you want to.  Group Life Coaching will give you skills for life, both at work and at home. 

Four together  Group Coaching

What kind of group?


You can set up a group as part of a work development programme, or with a group of friends.  You can also join open group sessions, enabling you to receive affordable coaching in a shared environment.  You will soon get to know the other group members. 


The maximum number for groups is 6, to allow for individual coaching.


For one and for all

 Need support

When working with any group, I ensure the experience is uplifting, supportive and relevant to each person. 


You are in the driving seat from the beginning.


Remember, Life Coaching is a deep and challenging experience, yet it is forward thinking, practical and constructive. Believe me, it works!


If you are interested in forming or joining a group, please get in touch to discuss your needs. 


 Lucy Windsor (01932 888885)


The Performance Business, 78 Oatlands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9HT