"Lucy is creative, whilst being a highly skilled great coach and has often helped me in a time of need. Lucy is a person you can trust, who has real values and is a great family person that makes her very special in every way." Dave S

"Life coaching sessions with Lucy certainly have had a very positive impact on me.  After the first session, I signed up for a 60km charity walk.  The session was certainly the impetus in setting this important goal for myself.  I have also made a number of other changes in my life as a result of this in-depth reflection" Val H

happy life
"Lucy's superlative life-coaching skills
have enabled me to finally make my way out of a dark valley of chronic
depression and dysfunctional relationships, and into a better place -- one where
I am back in control of my life. As a result of Lucy's guidance, I can now
listen intuitively to the needs of loved ones. Furthermore, I can once again
communicate my needs and expectations effectively, and thereby
generate positive outcomes with everyone I am close to, and in my work.
The empowerment, wisdom, and confidence that Lucy has bestowed on me, through a
number of highly productive sessions, has transformed my

Nick W, Hong Kong-based foreign correspondent and photojournalist.

 "Your support has been an enormous help ... there is still so much more to do and your help is invaluable". Elaine P

"I found working with Lucy an empowering and uplifting experience.  Her insightful advice and understanding guided me through a challenging situation at work, helping me to achieve the clarity and confidence I needed to move forwards.  Our sessions always dealt directly with the issues in hand and with her enthusiastic guidance allowed me to make the most of the opportunity I had been given.  She is a warm, genuine and positive person.  I would strongly recommend her to anyone as a life coach." - Sarah F

"I met with Lucy for some Life Coaching as I felt my life was standing still and I was missing something. From working with Lucy I recognised where I wanted to go and what I wanted to achieve. She helped me plan what I needed to accomplish and how I was going to achieve this.
Now four years on and I have completed my degree and gained my teaching qualification which was more than my initial goal. Without Lucy being my life coach I would not have had the confidence or self belief that she has given me."Jenny C

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"Lucy shows a level of commitment, integrity and understanding that is sorely lacking in many service providers. I cannot recommend Lucy highly enough." Jenny I

"Lucy is always very professional in her approach, well presented on a personal level, but with an accessible, calm, mature style which resonates well.  I appreciate her quiet gravitas.  Lucy immediately is able to engage, putting people at their ease" Anna K

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