I always explain my fees at the outset, so you can control your budget.

With so many different demands on our finances these days, Life Coaching might seem like a luxury. However, if you invest wisely in Life Coaching, it can bring tremendous benefits for you and suit your pocket too.

How can you guarantee you get value for money?  It is not easy to be sure when you embark on your search for a life coach.  That's why you have my promise that if the coaching has not made a positive difference, you will receive a refund.  No quibble, no debate, just a pure and honest desire to make a real difference that matters to you. 

One to One Coaching

I will carry out a diagnostic session first, during which I will propose a way forward to suit you and your circumstances.  Together, we will decide an appropriate coaching package and timescale and costings.

I charge by the session. This typically lasts between 60-90 minutes.  I will also provide you with a written record of our discussion, which serves as a useful reminder until the next session.  My fee is £200 inc VAT, per session.  You can decide whether to pay up front for your coaching, or to pay after each session.

Small Group Coaching

Come on your own and meet others, or pull together your own small group.  Each session will last for 2 hours.  You will be provided with all the materials you will need, and will be expected to take notes and maintain a record of your sessions.  You will be asked to pay at the end of each session. 

It may be possible for you to arrange for your company to pay for your Life Coaching.  If so, I will be happy to invoice them direct once I know your Company procedures.



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